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Geodesic Dome Frame

What you see in the stacked pile of 2x4's in the background is the complete frame for a twenty-eight foot dome sitting inside our eighteen foot dome. This has not been architected before and I am anxious to find the enterprising persons interested in providing a location for the erection of this dome.

The process begins with finding a buyer willing to part with $5,500, dome was originally offerred at $8K, which will include the assembly of the dome in some space, hopefully the final destination. This is a frame of a hemispherical dome of 28' diameter, 14' height, highly spherical in approximation, its geometry defined as symmetry of six, frequency of two. As a finished building it would be elevated from the twelve sided polygon representing the base vertically down some distance, to achieve the desired final building height, the two stories yields 1182.4 square feet of total floor space.


The Design Work that went into a prototype shading system.

Interior Dome Shade