A Spiritual Wilderness Retreat, by Baiss Eric Magnusson whose guide was Murshida Vera Corda

Evening before - write your Retreat Goal intent, give up personal will.

1st day (and everyday)

Start with ablutions of substance - cold water on hands, face (from hairline), hands, arms to elbows, feet to over ankles (no drying towel).
Purify the qi through the four Level 1 ZY Qigong practices, cloud hands and a refining qi practice.

Morning prayer, while facing the rising sun, then follow with Sun practices.

Clear conscience

Build your temple : climb elemental staircase : visualize

Build your temple : dome : walls

Enter your temple : &meditate : on your own spirit before embodiment

Draw energy down arms (10T) from each shoulder to fingertips. Identify with 3 auric fields (physical, mental, spiritual).

Breakfast & Blessing

Positive affirmation (10T) "All that lives is Spirit and all that dies is matter" HIK

Turn your back on life in the world and your daily habits. Change every pattern of personal hygiene, eating, etc. to enable you to break old patterns.

Cut 2 typing papers to get two 8.5 x 8.5 squares.
Fold papers corner to corner twice
Label one square "Mother", the other square "Father". Drawing a line between the vertices of a square yields 4 triangular sections.
Label the sections (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) to represent their respective genetic qualities which you recognize as coming from the genes/cells of that parent. What remains is the Spirit you came with - the basic self, without patterning in 1st five years of life. Refer to these charts every evening of Retreat, adding/deleting as necessary.

Walking with a Sacred Phrase on one's breath

Ya Ghani
EX - giving to vegetable kingdom with right hand from heart to vegetation.
IN - from leaves/grass to heart. Keep pace and do w/o count.

Zikr of Light sitting

La illaha ___ el illa l'lah (in) ___ HU (no voice here)
shoulder to shoulder ___ solar plexus to heart ___ head

All the way up to crown on phrase and hold breath on HU (5 count) at crown.

Shagall & Kesab - 5 times ea. Think of past behavior at your work & future goal.

Journal work - "My next step on my Path to Perfection"

Before lunch break: Nasut Stage wasaif:

...to be continued...